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Friday, 2 December 2016


Hello on this second day of December. As it happens every month I have prepared for you a short summary of last month. How did I spend those past weeks? Well, a number of deadlines at university did give me too much of a spare time, however I have managed to do a weekend gateway when I visited my parents. I also attended Boohoo’s press day and saw Christmas light on Oxford Street! :)

. . . .

Witajcie kochani w ten drugi dzień grudnia. Jak co miesiąc przygotowałam dla was małe zestawienie zdjęć z zeszłego miesiąca. Jak minęły mi te ostatnie tygodnie? Cóż, natłok zajęć na uczelni oraz goniących terminów prac do oddania nie dał mi zbyt dużego pola do popisu. Niemniej jednak udało mi się znaleźć chwilę wolnego czas, w którym udałam się do moich rodziców, uczestniczyłam w prezentacji kolekcji na sezon wiosna/lato marki Boohoo no i zobaczyłam świąteczne dekoracje na Oxford Street! :) 

Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Sarah Jessica Parker is definitely one of those women, who always look amazing. For many (including me) she is equating with Carrie Bradshaw from known in the whole world TV series and movies “Sex and the City”. I don’t know how about you, but I personally love both parts of the full movie and could watch them over and over again. The outfits presented by Carrie always bring my fascination and her shoes collection is probably what every fashion lover dream about. 

As well as in the movie as in her private life, Sarah Jessica Parker is well known from her penchant towards shoes. You probably saw many of her pictures on the Internet when dressed in the simplest outfit while walking her kids down for classes she has this amazing shoes on her feet. Her own shoe line seemed to be only a matter of time. 

Monday, 28 November 2016

Bloggers X Dress Of The Month

Exactly one month ago I received an e-mail in which I have been invited for co-operation. Its sender was Boohoo, who for some time already is creating a campaign called "Bloggers X Dress Of The Month". Every month, they choose a selection of their favourite bloggers who will receive the "surprise" dress The campaign aims to show the blogger style, in which each of them will identify a particular dress, giving it its own unique style. The main purpose is breaking the rules of what can and can‘t be worn. The mystery around the model of the dresses, which I got along other bloggers was intentional because personally I wouldn’t buy this dress. However, knowing that I agreed to participate, I got to adjust it in a way that is compatible with my style and taste.

I am very glad that I took part in this campaign. As a result, I was able to see clothes from a different perspective and realize that every product can be customize to become “ours”.

Friday, 25 November 2016


Year after year, popular in America Friday sales-called "black Friday" find its place in Europe. I remember a few years back when I moved out from Poland, any sales of this scale have not yet had a place in my home country. As can be seen from year to year, everything changes, and in this case to the benefit of the consumer. As it usually happens during the sales, it is easy to fall into exaggeration that’s why I wish you a lot of sense for this weekend, but also cool findings which will refresh your wardrobe! :)

To help you a little bit in this sales madness, I prepared for you a few products that I was able to spot and I would be happy to welcome in my closet :)

. . . .

Z roku na rok popularne w Ameryce piątkowe wyprzedaże zwane „black friday” czyli czarny piątek odnajdują swoje miejsce w Europie. Pamiętam jeszcze kilka lat wstecz kiedy wyjeżdżałam z Polski, wówczas takowe wyprzedaże nie miały jeszcze miejsce w naszym rodzimym kraju. Jak widać z roku na rok wszystko się zmienia a w tym przypadku z korzyścią dla konsumenta. Jak to z reguły przy wyprzedażach bywa, łatwo jest popaść w przesadę dlatego życzę wam na ten weekend dużo rozsądku, ale i również fajnych perełek, które odświeżą waszą szafę! :)

Aby odrobinę wspomóc was w tym wyprzedażowym szaleństwie, przygotowałam dla was kilka produktów, które udało mi się wypatrzeć i z chęcią powitałabym je w swojej szafie :). 


Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Few days ago I had the pleasure to take part in the Boohoo’s press day, which took place in The Hospital Club, located in the heart of Covent Garden. I must confess frankly that when I started this blog I didn’t expect that after only a year I will have the opportunity to personally see the collection for the upcoming season! I can’t describe the euphoria which gripped me over when my mailbox showed the invitation for Boohoo’s SS 17 press day. There is nothing more I can do thank to thank you my dear readers for being so willing to visit my blog and it is thanks to you, I had the opportunity to participate in my first presentation of the collection for the coming season! Thank you! :)

Saturday, 19 November 2016


Once all the basic planning elements (such as booking the room, the photographer etc. about which I wrote to you in my previous post - here) is behind us, it is worthwhile to reflect on the theme of weddings. It is especially important to rethink it relatively early if you plan to have handmade wedding invitations as it is in my case. My good friend is passionate about craft and the same she is able to create a masterpiece from a typical birthday card, wedding card and invitation! However, hand-made card is a long process, so you need to start it as quickly as possible to be able to have it done on time. Then you must also take into account to distribute invitations quite early in order to have time to prepare vignettes, an array of tables to help guests find their place, and guest books (if you plan to have one).

I am a fan of neutral colours, so I prepared for you a summary of inspiration in white and shades of powder pink, which are not only very elegant, but also light up the room.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016


There are some days when loose sweater - preferably warm and squishy like a fluff golf, oversize coats and voluminous scarf is the only thing I dream of when leaving my house. If I also then realize that I'm not going to 'civilization' but over to the lakeside where suede boots are the last thing appropriate for such occasion, I put on wellington boots to my already sloppy outfit :). When even though the glowing sun it is really cold outside, it is difficult to look good.

November for a student is really a hard nut to crack. Chasing deadlines at the university, writing proposal for my dissertation and every move there are new presentations. In order not to get crazy, it is necessary to break away from the crowded accumulation of information, that is commonly called "studying" and get away where peace takes on new meaning. It also turns out that during such a casual walk I discover a little piece of Greece - a cozy restaurant overlooking the lake, where from the moment I entered, I could feel that very well known to me already Greek kindness!
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